Our Story

I was born in 1978 when we lived in a world where oceans were thriving.There was no plastic pollution, no climate emergency or any heating up of the planet.

I remember vividly as a child exploring these thriving coral reefs. This was a time when oceans were clean, ecosystems were in abundance and there were sky’s so clear that the light would reflect colour on all the underwater creatures.

I was blessed in a family where we seeked out adventure exploring the bottom of the sea from the great barrier reef to finding interesting people on remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. We learnt to fish with the locals and understand their eco systems in remote tropical lands. Swimming was my life.

But as time stood still in paradise in these memoirs of peaceful moments. I became an observer of four decades of time that changed our planet, our oceans and our environment. The change was a man-made ticking bomb called pollution. 

So, one day I woke up to find my paradise on earth no longer existed and I would not be able to share those experiences I had with my family with my children today and the future generations to come, that saddened me to say the least.

This is our why, why we are choosing to be a sustainable brand and why we choose to support ocean conservation.


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