Stinger Suit

Stinger Suit

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Slip into our Stinger suit with racerback . This swimsuit features a front entry zip designed to easily enter and secure the swimsuit firmly to the skin reducing drag in pool and in the big surf. UVF 50 + Surf and Chlorine Resistant. The print is inspired by the Blue Tang Reef Fish which is one of 75 species in the Surgeonfish family. This family, Acanthuridae, of fishes is called surgeonfish because of their very sharp, mobile spines on either side of their tail that favors surgeons' scalpels. 

Our swimsuits are 50+UVF and Chlorine and Sea Resistant. We also take into consideration to fully line all of our swimsuits to avoid sand getting inside the lining. We personally test our swimmers in the pool and the sea and we found they lasted a lot longer than your average swimsuit. We are dedicated as a brand to provide high quality ethical and sustainable products designed for  "The Australian Way of Life".